Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small data file that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. The cookie allows the website to "remember" your actions or preferences over time and you do not have to reenter these preferences whenever you visit the site or browse its pages. Cookies do not collect information independently, but when they are read by a server through an internet browser with the scope to provide a more user-friendly service.

What type of cookies do we use? 

Our website uses persistent and session cookies.

  • Session cookies: are erased after the end of your browsing on our website or/ and after the closing of your web browser.

  • Persistent cookies: remain in your computer or in your device, either till the time you decide to erase them or for a preset time.

Furthermore, when you use our website, our affiliates (Google), set third-party cookies on our behalf, to collect information while you are interacting with our website. This information may be used by our affliates in order to draw statistic conclusions, as well as to improve users experience.

Which cookies does our website use and which information do cookies collect?

Our site use cookies for various purposes, depending on their function:

  • Strictly necessary - Basic Cookies: these cookies are essential for the proper website function. They allow you to browse and use website’s functions and they ensure an effective use of our website. These cookies cannot identify you. Without using these cookies, we cannot offer effective functionality of our website.

  • Usage Statistics: In order to improve our website, we use cookies to collect information about the time and the way that visitors interact with our website, as well as for the services it offers. For example, these cookies may monitor how many times a visitor saw a particular product or service and whether (s)he chose to share it on a social networking platform.

How do you control Cookies?

Cookies are stored on your computer or device after you become aware of the privacy settings. If you do not accept the cookies or some categories of them, some functions of our website may not be available. Either way, you will not be blocked from using our website. It is at your discretion to withdraw your consent or oppose to the use of cookies on your computer or device whenever you like, to check or/and delete cookies.

  • You may delete cookies from the computer or the device you are using anytime you decide. In this way, you withdraw your consent to the use of cookies at your computer or device.

  • You may also set your browser in such a way, that it either will alert you for the use of cookies in specific services of our website, or it will not permit the use of cookies at all.

Which are your rights?

You have the right to be informed about the processing of your Personal Data, the right to access, the right to rectification at any time. In addition, you have the right to erasure, to restriction of processing or to withdraw your consent for all cookies, and as a consequence to withdraw your consent for your data processing.

In order to exercise your rights, you may send your request in our webmail address: [email protected].

Where can you find additional Information regarding the Personal Data Protection that cookies collect?

More Information about Personal Data Protection, as well as for your rights, you may find in our Personal Data Protection Policy, here.

Where can you find more Information regarding the general use of Cookies?

You can find more information concerning the general use, likewise the methods for blocking or restricting cookies, in the following links:

Changes in the current Cookies Policy

The current Cookies Policy may be modified at any time. Therefore, we suggest you refer to this Policy, which came into force on 25.5.2018. In case of change, the previous date will be replaced by the recent one. The Cookies Policy is still valid, as it was formulated by the latest amendment.

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