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PRIORITY QUALITY CONSULTANTS S.A. (hereinafter called the “Company”), owner of the website domain: www.priority.com.gr (hereinafter called the “Website”), offers the website under the following detailed Terms of Use. The user/customer of the Website is requested to read carefully the terms and then, use/visit the Website only after (s)he completely accepts these Terms.  In case of disagreement, the user is requested not to use the Website and  to share with the Company his comments in order to be taken into consideration, always in good faith and according to common practices.

The use of the Website is on the presumption that the visitor/user has read, understood and accepted all the terms of use of the Website. In case that the visitor/user does not agree with the terms of use hereof, (s)he must not use the services and the content of the Website.

The use of the Website is governed by the provisions of Greek, European-Union and International Law, which are binding on each use/visitor and who is obliged to comply with them. In addition, the user/ visitor is required to use the content and services of the site in accordance with the applicable law, the morality and the present terms, by refraining from any action that may offend the ethos and personality of other visitors/users or may create problems in the proper function of the Website.


Website users should comply with the terms and provisions of Greek, European and International Law, and with the relevant legislation governing telecommunications, as well as refrain from any unlawful and abusive behavior during the use of it and in relation with it. The user of the Website is responsible for any damage caused to the Website, due to bad or illegal use of the Website and the services offered through it. In case that the Company is involved in any legal action or is required to pay any form of compensation due to the breach of the user's obligations under these terms, the user will be liable to indemnify the Company for that reason.


The Website’s content is available as it is, and the Company does not provide any warranty, explicit or not, regarding the adequacy, legitimacy, timeliness, commerciality, non-violation or suitability of this content for any use, application or purpose.

The Website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors that will be corrected by the Company at its discretion, if these are identified. However, the Company cannot guarantee the adequacy, legitimacy, timeliness, commerciality, non-violation of this content for any use, application or purpose. It also does not guarantee that all errors will be necessarily or completely corrected or that all queries will be answered.

The Company makes every possible effort, within the frame of the technological control, to ensure that the services and the contents of the Website are provided uneventfully and continuously. However, the Company is not responsible, including the case of negligence if: a) the Website’s function stops, or/and access becomes difficult or/and impossible, despite the security measures that are put in place, b) viruses or other malicious software are detected and get transmitted to user’s/ visitor’s terminals, c) third-party hackers interfere with the content and the operation of the Website, making it difficult to use or cause problems in its proper functioning.

The Company is not responsible for temporary unavailability of the Website, for the pause of part or all its functions or any malfunction as well as for any technical problems may appear.

The Company, below any circumstances, including the case of negligence, in not responsible towards the user/visitor or any third party, for any type of damage, direct or indirect, as well as consequential, which are affiliated in any way with the use and the navigation in the Website and the use of the services and the information that is contained at it.

Every visitor should take all the appropriate security measures (e.g. antivirus programs) before “loading” of this Website. The cost of potential adjustments or repairs is carried out by the visitor/ user and in no case by the Company.


The copyrights of the Website’s content and services, including, but not limited to, texts, photographs, drawings, commercial and financial data, programs, any kind of files, marks / logos, website layout are protected by Greek, Union and International copyright laws, belong exclusively to the Company, and are available to its users/visitors only for personal use. The Company always makes every effort to ensure that the content and the information displayed on the Site are as accurate and true as possible, but it does not bear any responsibility for their reliability or completeness.

Any copying, distribution, transfer, processing, resale, creation of work, or cases of misleading the public about the real provider of the content of the website, is forbidden. Reproduction, re-publishing, uploading, communicating, spreading, transmitting or otherwise using the content of the Website in any manner or means for commercial or other purposes, is permitted only upon prior written permission of the Company or any other copyright holder. Otherwise, the above actions may constitute an infringement of the Company's intellectual/industrial property rights, which reserves the right to claim any direct and consequential damages caused to it, in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

The user/visitor/member accepts and acknowledges that the Company has the ability to make commercial use (either by itself or by third parties) of all the information that is displayed on the Website.


The management and protection of visitor’s/user’s data in our Website is subject to these terms as well as to the National, Union and International law regarding the protection of individuals from personal data processing, as applicable. In any case, the Company reserves the right to change the terms of personal data protection in accordance with the applicable legal framework.

These privacy terms may be reviewed and updated at any time and without notice. The Website’s users are kindly requested to check these terms at regular times for any changes, as the continuous use of the Website entails the acceptance of any possible modifications.

The Company may process a part or all of the data that visitors/users have sent, for statistical purposes, as to improve its information services.

If the visitor/user wishes to use the contact forms, (s)he agrees to provide true, accurate, valid and complete information. This information is not disclosed to third parties (with the exception provided by the law to the in-charge authorities), and users/visitors identification is preserved. The Website maintains files with this information solely for the purposes of communication, statistics and improvement of its services.

The visitor/user should be able to communicate with the Company in order to verify the existence of his personal file, as to rectify, change or erase his file. You can read more details for our Personal Data Protection Policy here.


The Website may contain references to sites, but the Company has no responsibility for the content and services that these sites provide, nor does guarantee for their continuous and secure accessibility. Therefore, for any problem that arises during the visit/use of these websites, the user/visitor must contact directly the corresponding sites, which are the sole responsible for the remedy of this problem.

The company should no be deemed to accept or adopt the content or the services of those sites and pages to which her Website refers or connects to, under any circumstances and in any way. For any problem arise during the visit in the previous websites, the only responsible is the owner of this website.

In case of hyperlinks to other sites, the Company is not responsible for the terms that these sites follow regarding personal data management and protection.


The Company can, and the visitor accepts, that the Website may use cookies as Internet Protocol (IP) address logging to identify the visitor/user. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the computer of the user/visitor while he is browsing to the site. Cookies do not collect information independently from user’s computer. They are used for statistical purposes to determine the areas of the site that are useful and popular.

These data may also include the type of browser used by the visitor/user, the type of computer, its operating system, online service providers and other information of this kind.

You can read more details for our Cookies Policy here.


The content of the Website may be subject for comments from Website users. This feature is free. However, the Company may, immediately and without any prior notice, as well as without the obligation to state reasons, delete any comment that is deemed to be ineligible for the Website, and especially if it is abusive, ironic, it aims to reduce or to offend a third person or the Website, and more generally if it is found to be outside the ethical framework, goals and services of the Website.


The terms of use of the Website, as well as any modifications thereto, are governed by National and Union law and any applicable international treaties. Any provision of these terms found to be in breach of the above legal framework or to become invalid, will be automatically void as will be withdrawn from the present, without in any way undermining the validity of the other terms.

Similarly, if any terms of use become partially or totally invalid or unenforceable, the operation and/or the validity of the remaining terms or parts thereof is not affected. Invalid and/or unenforceable terms will be replaced with terms as close as possible to the meaning and purpose of the invalid or unenforceable terms.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms and conditions at any time and without notice. The Company will post online the current version of the Terms of Use, and the continuous use of the Website will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the new terms. For this reason, each user is asked to check the terms of use at regular times.

For any dispute that may arise concerning the operation and use of the Website, if the consensual settlement is not possible, the Courts of Athens are in charge. For any dispute regarding the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions, as well as any other matter relating to the use of the Website, Greek law is the applicable law.


For any information, explanations, complaint submission, the user may contact the Company, using the following contact details: phone number: 210 2509990, email: [email protected]. For any question regarding the rights to reproduce any part of Website’s content, as well as for permission requests to reproduce content, you may contact us at: [email protected] .

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