GDPR Compliance Platform

GDPR Compliance Platform is a software that integrates best international practices and automates business-related compliance processes with GDPR. This tool was developed in partnership of PRIORITY with Relational and Alpha Supporting Services.

Through the GDPR Compliance Platform companies manage easily, practically and effectively:

  • requests of individuals to ensure timely (<30 Days) and effective fulfillment of rights
  • data subjects’ complaints of personal data processed by the company
  • data Breaching incidents
  • supplier’s (processors) Compliance
  • regulatory framework amendments monitoring

GDPR Compliance Platform supports and ease Data Protection Officer’s duties. The effective management of vast number of requests, the collection of the required processors’ compliance elements, the identification and archiving of the new regulations, decisions and circulars for the GDPR and the collection of evidence that can be used in case of audit, make the use of software essential to the smooth transition of the company to the post GDPR era.


Qontract was developed in partnership of PRIORITY with Athens International Airport and is a management support system for measuring and controlling the quality performance of Management/Service contract, ex. IT, building management services, equipment services, cleaning and security, call centers etc.

Qontract yields a single performance indicator (CPI:Contract Performance Index) per contract which is associated with required performance thresholds vs contract terms, based on objective and tangible information that serves the particular needs of each contract owner.

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eQualSuite is an integrated management application that automates critical business process and implements Total Quality Management principles. eQualSuite has been applied successfully in more than 150 companies and has proven its value in saving employee time and effort, reducing corporate costs and rendering difficult to implement procedures efficient and useful.

eQualSuite is the extract of PRIORITY's more than 18 years of hands-on experience in process reengineering and corporate procedure design for more than 900 companies. It combines the features and benefits of paperless ISO, compliance management, computerized maintenance management system, document management and project management software in an integrated and affordable business platform.

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