Public Sector Services

Public Sector today is facing the need for effective and efficient support to fulfill its objectives, implementation of important actions, modernization and digitization of services.

PRIORITY, responding to these challenges faced by Public Bodies and Organizations, provides comprehensive services mainly in the field of planning, efficient utilization of funding, implementation, and monitoring during the implementation of various projects and actions.

Having a team of consultants with many years of experience in the field as well as appropriate technical and operational know-how is ideally suited to understand the needs of each organization to analyze them and provide solutions tailored to their requirements, while adhering to the legislative framework and project planning.

In particular, the services provided by PRIORITY to the Public Sector include the following:

  • Technical Consultant Services for the implementation of European / National Sectoral & Regional Operational Programs
  • Support in the search and effective use of available funding in accordance with the terms and conditions of European and national legislation and funding instruments.
  • Support in project preparation, specialization, and maturation
  • Support in project management, monitoring and supervision
  • Implementation of diagnostic or evaluation studies
  • Support in the formulation and monitoring of the implementation of policies and strategies
  • Consulting services in matters of reorganization, redesign of the public administration
  • Consulting services on issues of simplification and digitization of administrative procedures