Virtual/ Augmented Reality

a unique experience for personnel training

PRIORITY provides training programs through Virtual Reality technology which offer a unique training experience for organizations’ personnel. The Virtual Reality environment offers realistic training to personnel as it allows them to see, touch and interact fully with objects and the surrounding space. This has as a result the significant increase of the training effectiveness, since the personnel actually carries out the training objects in real time and deals with scenarios that can be easily simulated only through Virtual Reality. In addition, the training duration and cost are reduced compared to the traditional way, as there is no need for physical presence in the training area. Virtual Reality training is appropriate for health and safety issues (e.g. work at a height), emergencies (e.g. evacuation of a building in case of fire), work on construction sites (e.g. equipment handling), etc.

Technical Features:

  • VR Oculus Rift development, for realistic and immersive training.
  • Interaction with all the objects in the environment, suitable for training even on the most complex procedures.
  • Realistic feel (sounds, shadows, heights, etc.) for experiential learning.
  • Administration Panel for optimal control of your training program.

It can be utilized for any kind of training, having exceptional results for cases that are difficult to be simulated, such as:

  • Working at a height.
  • Fire Fighting.
  • Building evacuation during fire or earthquake.
  • Working with heavy
  • Working close to sources of electricity.
  • Working in construction.