Third-party Risk Assessment

PRIORITY proposes BitSight’s solution (https://www.bitsight.com) for Third-Party risk management,

The modern environment, in which the organizations are operating, demands the management of cyber-risks arising by third-parties, due to the high volume of related data breaches.

The current approaches for cyber risks management that arise by third-parties are helpful but provide only an overview. For the significant risk mitigation, the organizations need automatic tools that measure continuously the security level of their partners.

BitSight’s solution for third-party risk management, directly identifies cyber risks in organizations’ supply chain, assisting in focusing of resources and collaboration with partners for significant and measurable mitigation of related risks. BitSight’s solution provides information for high risks that affect the suppliers of an organization, combining them with data correlated with possible security incidents and information from the most active communities of risks and security professionals.

More information can be found in the link: https://www.bitsight.com/third-party-risk-management .