Services using Information Technology

Effective management of technologies, people, and processes for the services optimization

PRIORITY is the first consulting company in Greece which successfully supports large organizations in adopting best practices in the management of services through IT technologies, as well as to be certified with the relevant international standard ISO 20000.
In addition, PRIORITY provides certified seminars with ITIL practices for professionals who want:
• to get an in depth understanding about how they will manage IT services efficiently
• to certify their knowledge
With the experience of implementing complex and demanding projects in organizations from areas of Finance, Informatics, Telecommunications, and many others, PRIORITY’s specialized consultants can adapt the good practices of international standards to the needs of any organization. Main purpose is to contribute to the effective and efficient management of their IT services (within or outside the Organization). At the same time, they are aware of the requirements of the ISO 20000 standard and can ideally guide the executives of an organization.
The IT Service Management is about the effective management of all factors that affect the service level (technology, human resources, and processes) in their full life cycle. The process is starting from planning and implementation of the services according to the needs of the customer, and then dealing with possible issues appeared and changes required. The ITIL Library of Good Practices has laid the groundwork, and the international standard ISO 20000 introduces a model of continuous improvement to ensure the following:
• Monitoring the quality standards of the provided IT services with customers and suppliers
• Management of customer requests and timely handling any issues based on predetermined procedures
• Monitoring changes resulted from troubleshooting along with controlling their impact on IT infrastructure
• Monitoring the services availability and checking the adequacy of infrastructure to meet the customers’ needs
In brief, for the optimal management of IT Services, PRIORITY provides the following services:
• Design of an organizational and operational model, based on best practices, adapted to the needs of each company.
• Setting up Services Catalog
• Development of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
• Development of Policies, Procedures, and Instructions as part of a comprehensive Management System
• Evaluation of technological tools to support the new operating model
• Support during initial operation and configuration of the technological tool
• Guidance on the selection and implementation of the monitoring framework (selection of indicators, production of reports, etc.)
• Staff training and certification
• Internal audit
• ISO 20000 certification