Security & Awareness

The growing risks that threaten the security of information systems and infrastructure, require a different way of handling from users / employees. The classical approach of a simple and generalized training session is considered obsolete. It is important to establish a permanent mechanism of continuous readiness, which will identify the knowledge gaps and skills, set goals, evaluate the results and plan customized corrective actions. Under this perspective, the concept of Security and Awareness Training has been introduced, which includes training and actions to assess the readiness of users. Platforms belonging to this category should provide training material that will inform and sensitize the user and tests, such as phishing campaigns, that will evaluate the competence of users.

PRIORITY since 2020, has been included in the official partners ecosystem of Terranova (https://terranovasecurity.com/), a company that has been evaluated as a world leader in the Security and Awareness Training category. Terranova’s solution includes training seminars of different difficulty, duration or category, so that the administrator can create training activities tailored to each user. At the same time, the option of creating phishing campaigns is provided, in order to evaluate the readiness of the users and the degree of understanding of the training actions.