Risk Management

Α systematic risk management methodology

PRIORITY SA is a leading Company of organizational and IT consultants in Greece that specializes in the development, implementation and automation of corporate procedures based on international ISO standards and best practices. In the context of optimizing business activities, it is necessary for the Company to evaluate and apply appropriate measures to reduce the risks that takes during its daily operation.
PRIORITY applies a systematic risk management methodology, which is a critical tool for identifying and monitoring the company’s exposure to risks, offering the ability to minimize or eliminate unnecessary risks, while enhancing the utilization of limited resources.
Indicatively, some of the risk’s factors that are evaluated during risk management methodology, are the following:
• Financial & Strategic
• Compliance
• Quality
• Physical Security
• Information Security
• Business Continuity
• Health & Safety
• Environment
• Energy Efficiency

PRIORITY may integrate the systematic risk management methodology into all business activities in a structured and comprehensive way as well as adapt it to the specificities of each company.
PRIORITY offers the below services in the field of Risk Management:
• Risk Management Framework for Systematic Evaluation Criteria, considering the specificities of your company.
• Mechanisms for systematic risk assessment through definition of specific roles and responsibilities
• Risk monitoring tools (with evaluation of importance and prioritization).
• Proposals for protection measures, to reduce the chances of occurrence and / or impact, for emergency response to high-risk scenarios.
• Procedures for the continuous implementation of Risk Management Methodology.
• Inspections regarding the continuous and effective implementation of the Risk Management Methodology.