Quality Management

Quality has no cost

PRIORITY has 25 years of experience in the development of Quality Management Systems and is one of the oldest companies in Greece involved in the first certifications of ISO 9001. It worth to note that the company’s customers cover a wide range of activities in quality management systems.
The company has a very experienced team of consultants who can develop quality management systems tailored to the needs and requirements of the customers within the required time. In addition, it has the appropriate expertise to suggest good practices that can improve business operations and offer added value to the requested projects.
The Quality Management System must be the main Operating System of each company since:
• Records the basic operating procedures of the company
• Identifies the needs and requirements of customers and stakeholders
• Defines the critical audits to be performed on the company’s services and products
• Defines critical monitoring indicators for the company’s services and products
• Defines mechanisms for continuous improvement of the company

PRIORITY provides all the services for the development of a Quality Management System from the assessment of the company’s deficiencies to its certification with a standard such as ISO 9001. Specifically, it can provide the following:
• Asessment for the operation of the company in relation to the requirements of the standard and good practices
• Development of company’s operating procedures
• Determining the operational environment of the company
• Evaluation of risks and opportunities
• Determination of indicators for the monitoring and performance of the company
• Staff training on procedures
• Internal Audit
• Support during the implementation of the Management System
• Presence during certification process