Qontract was developed in collaboration with the Athens International Airport with a view to optimal management of the performance of critical suppliers / external partners (e.g. cleaning and storage, equipment maintenance, technical management of buildings, IT, catering, call centers). With the use of Qontract a company achieves maximum efficiency and quality of the suppliers’ services, while at the same time can reduce the burden of their management and simplifies the achievement of conventional objectives.

The operation of the software is based on an innovative methodology for measuring and controlling the performance of service providers / outsourcing. Through this the achieved performance is quantified and can be easily compared with the provided levels of service. In this way, organizations acquire an easy-to-use tool for assessing quality and streamline costs or even impose penalties.

The main benefits of using the software are summarized as below:

  • Quantification of the desired quality level in clear and understandable language.
  • Clear communication with suppliers for evaluating their performance through regular reports and continuous monitoring.
  • Immediate correlation of the performance with conventional terms, such as the imposition of penalties or termination.
  • Support for dynamic cost management in relation to the achieved quality level.
  • Negotiating tool for the Procurement / Contract Management Units.
  • Data storage and easy access for future evaluations.
  • Reduction of operating costs through continuous evaluation of suppliers’ efficiency.

The functions in detail:

  • Contracts and suppliers recording.
  • Monitoring quality per contract using a combination:
    • Audits based on weighted checkpoints list.
    • Incidents or non-compliances that breach the contractual provisions or corporate policies.
    • Work orders, which are evaluated in terms of the implementation quality.
    • Availability of services, according to the relevant Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • SLA Management.
  • Calculation of supplier’s performance based on the above criteria.
  • Attach geographic information (GPS) files as evidence in case of non-compliances or incidents.
  • Provide guidance for audits.
  • Use of portable devices during audits via mobile client, even in places where there is no network coverage (asynchronous entry).
  • Reports that allow to the contract managers to export complete data on the suppliers’ performance.