Product Certification Services (CE mark)

A holistic approach to the requirements of Product Certification

PRIORITY has an engineering consultancy team with extensive know-how and experience in technically developing and labeling CE Mark in all product categories required by European legislation.
Based on our vast experience in a wide range of industries and all areas of CE marking, we incorporate the European Directives and standards requirements into the day-to-day operations of your business.
Our consulting engineers in a reliable, fast, and simple way can achieve the development of the product, and compliance with the legislation and international standards, so that CE mark will be possible.
The European Union, recognizing the need to control the operations and use of products within its borders, has established the minimum requirements in several European Directives, which make CE marking mandatory.
The manufacturer must identify the Health & Safety risks for the consumers who use the product and take appropriate measures to reduce the above risk. Compliance with the requirements of the European Directives is documented by the development of an appropriate file, the relevant declaration of manufacturer’s compliance and the required certification by the Notified Body.
The product categories that must be CE certified are:
• Building Materials
• Electrical / electronic equipment and devices
• Devices and protection systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres
• Fuel gas appliances
• Lifting equipment
• Electrical equipment
• Equipment – Machines of all types
• Measuring and control instruments
• Medical Technological Products
• Non-automatic weighing instruments
• Personal protective equipment
• Pressure Equipment
• Explosive Substances
• Yachts
• Games

RIORITY undertakes:
• Recognition of European Directives and product-related standards and certification requirements
• Providing instructions for product testing
• Establish new operating practices in accordance with European Directives
• Writing a Technical File
• Education
• Communication with the “Notified Agency” and the “Competent Service” to resolve issues related to CE marking