Process Re -engineering / Process Simplification

Α necessary step before Digital Transformation

PRIORITY as a leading Consulting Firm in Greece offers customized services for simplification and optimization of corporate processes which cover the whole range of corporate operations in both Public and Private Organizations.
It has an experienced and specialized team of consultants in the field of optimization of business processes through project implementations in large organizations, having the ability to understand the special needs and particularities of each Organization and the environment in which operates.
In today’s times, and more than ever before, organizations face an increasing need to respond to changing conditions, late trends, rapidly evolving technology and new standards and regulations, while ensuring operational effectiveness, cost efficiency and optimal performance.
In this volatile and demanding environment, organizations must reshape their operational model and their processes to align with new strategic challenges, face intensive competition, deal with external factors and control spending, while simultaneously improve services and customer satisfaction.
Especially for government organizations, with the Law 4635/2019, the National Program for Simplification of Procedures was instituted. That program is a central public policy of horizontal scope, aiming at the holistic improvement of the services provided by the State to citizens, businesses and public officials, as well as the fight against unnecessary bureaucracy, through measures to improve and simplify all its administrative procedures.
In this context and especially in the field of processes re-engineering and simplification Priority offers the following set of services:
• Diagnosis of the current state, the operating model, the corporate processes, and the systems that support them
• Process Modeling analysis, and design using specialized management and modeling tools
• Evaluation of the procedures and the information systems that support them by using of customized methodologies
• Gap analysis, and identification of problem areas and areas for improvement
• Formulation of proposals for process simplification with parallel utilization of information systems
• Design of redesigned simplified procedures
• Preparation of action plans for the implementation of changes and support in their implementation
• Design of process manuals
• Personnel Training (in process redesign methodology and utilization of process modeling tools)