Personal Data Protection

Compliance with the requirements for secure processing of personal data

PRIORITY is the consulting firm that has successfully completed the first compliance projects with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/ 679 in Greece. At the same time, PRIORITY has developed a significant number of relevant services for the compliance of the organizations with the requirements of the Regulatory framework for the protection of personal data.
The firm has completed until today, various major projects in significant market sectors and complex organizations (financial institutions, health service providers, insurance companies, shipping companies, etc.). As a result, it is able to provide smart and tailored supporting services to the organizations for their compliance with the requirements for secure processing of personal data, as well as for the adoption of commonly accepted practices and frameworks for the management of personal data.
The protection of personal data in one of the fundamental human rights, while it is bounded by a Regulatory framework that concerns all the organizations and defines the way they collect, process and handle personal data. Additionally, the Regulatory framework it affects the measures that are applied by the organizations for the secure processing of personal data during their day-to-day business.
PRIORITY offers the below services in the field of personal data protection:
• Assessment of the current level of compliance with the Regulatory requirements for the protection of persona data
• Compliance Plan with proposed technical and organizational compliance
• Record of Processing Activities (requirement of Ar. 30 of the GDPR)
• Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) (requirement of Ar. 35 of the GDPR)
• Documentation of required documents
• Data breach management
• Internal and Compliance Audits with the Regulatory requirements
• Policies and Procedure of personal data management, as a part of an integrated Management System
• Personnel training on issues of personal data management
• Data Protection Officer (DPO) services or/ and Data Protection Officer supporting services (partial or complete)
• BS 10012 Certification
• Software Module for compliance monitoring

To discuss your needs and the solutions we can provide to you, please contact PRIORITY’s Sales Director Mrs. Lily Mylona[email protected],  T. 210 2509900