education from a different perspective

Panorama 360o is a complete solution in the field of training as through it the personnel is trained, informed, evaluated, and resolves its questions. The educational process for the personnel is selected, the workplace is photographed in 360o perspective and through the application a digital environment is created in which the staff browses the physical space, sees important information and is invited to interact with various points and items. In addition, personnel can address its queries in real time and answer questions to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. The solution can be used to familiarize staff in areas and procedures without requiring their physical presence in the area. PRIORITY can offer detailed KPIs on personnel performance as well as ongoing support for content upgrades.

Technical Features:

  • High quality panoramas.
  • Information points, guidelines, and paths.
  • Easy integration, using any device (mobile, tablet or desktop).
  • Fast and Engaging Training based on Gamification, that can be used instantly by thousand users.

Panorama 360o could be applied to any training, with great results for a large number of employees in cases such as the induction to a new working environment or training on new guidelines, along with the functionality of quizzes in order to evaluate the readiness of the personnel.