IT infrastructure management

PRIORITY proposes the suite of SolarWinds (https://www.solarwinds.com/), a complete suite of IT infrastructure management related products (HW, network, applications, databases).

Product categories:

  • Network management: of network performance monitoring, traffic analysis, configurations, IP address management, equipment detection, VoIP and Network Quality, management, log analysis, topology, syslog server, utility tools.
  • Systems management: monitoring of servers, applications, virtual machines, storages, configuration, detection of applications’ malfunction, log analysis, access right manager.
  • IT Security: access right manager, security event manager, identity monitor, server configuration monitor, patch manager, managed file transfer, FTP server.
  • Database management: DB performance analyzer, DB performance monitor.
  • ITSM: Service Desk, web help desk.
  • Application Management: web performance monitor, application performance management, infrastructure monitoring, log management and analytics.
  • Managed Service Providers: SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management, SolarWinds N-central, SolarWinds Backup, SolarWinds Passportal, SolarWinds Take Control, SolarWinds MSP Manager, SolarWinds Mail Assure.