Investment subsidy by funding tools (Funding Calls)

PRIORITY SA is a leading Company of organizational and IT consultants in Greece that specializes in the development, implementation and automation of corporate procedures based on international ISO standards and best practices. In the context of developing its services, PRIORITY undertakes the support of your business ideas by selecting the appropriate Funding tool.

Funding Tools, such as NSRF Calls, LEADER programs, Development Law, enhance the viability of business activity and help Companies to face their weaknesses while at the same time create opportunities (as for example investing in innovative ideas and solutions).
PRIORITY has a specialized team of consultants, that can understand your needs, design the investment plan with you and lead you to its successful implementation using a funding tool.
PRIORITY has successfully managed several Funding Calls and specifically in the Call of Quality Modernization.

PRIORITY offers the below services in the field of Investment subsidy by funding tools:

• Assessment of Company’s needs and capabilities and select the proper funding tool that may enhance them
• Development of a documented business plan and submit it for funding from the selected Call
• Support and monitor Company’s proposal until the issuance of the final decision to join the Call
• Scheduling the implementation of Company’s requests during the Call
• Submission and monitoring of requests for payments, request of payments in advances, requests for modifications (e.g. modifications of physical and financial object)
• Monitoring changes that may affect the funding of the business plan (such as Amendments to Calls)
• Physical presence and support the Company during on-site cost audit from the funding body
• Consulting support of the company in its long-term obligations

PRIORITY would like to inform you that many investment programs are expected to be issued by the end of 2021, such as the programs of the Recovery & Resilience Fund, as well as the programs of the new NSRF for the period 2021-2027 and the new Development Law. For all the aforementioned programs the submission of the first proposals have started at the beginning of 2022.

Find out about the active financial tools by sending an e-mail to

Mr. Fanis Skliris, Sales Account Manager, [email protected]