Information Security Risk Management

The key role of Information Security Risk Assessment

PRIORITY proposes for the management of risks, as well as the evaluation of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability level of the information, ISRA MANAGER Software, which complies with international standards and best practices. ISRA MANAGER is a complete solution designed to help organizations on information security risk mitigation, effectively and in a cost efficient way, utilizing the minimum possible resources. It is provided as a stand-alone solution or interconnected with PRIORITY’s eQualSuite.

Organizations are more dependent on Information Technology, now more than ever. A malicious act against IT infrastructure (both Hardware and Software) may cause significant damage (financial or other) and even threaten the existence of the organization itself.

From ransomware to hacking and from insecure system architecture to the denial of access to IT systems, security risks need to be identified and mitigated early, through a comprehensive process. Users of multiple levels need to be involved, in order to correctly characterize each system, identify risks and implement appropriate control measures.

ISRA MANAGER solves the abovementioned problems by enabling a complete and flawless execution of a complete Information Security Risk Assessment, using best practices, and minimizing the required resources, while producing excellent results. In addition, it is fully compliant with widely accepted, strict international standards and retains complete audit trail so that compliance remains no longer hard work.