Information Security Risk Assessment

Information Security Risk Assessment conduct

The uninterrupted operation of the IT systems and the assurance of integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information that organizations of any size process, are factors that largely determine the degree to which their strategic goals are achieved. Risks stemming from systems’ vulnerabilities, Cyberattacks or human mistakes are possible to cause critical malfunctions. In order to lower their possibility or impact level it is necessary to conduct systematically Information Security Risk Assessments and determine the actions needed to eliminate them.
Information Security Risk Assessments are based on the evaluation of the existing Information Security controls, detection of the risks that can affect an organization’s assets and determination of their level taking into account factors like their possibility and impact. Through the specific assessments it is possible to optimize the allocation of available resources to implement the controls which are necessary for the risks’ effective mitigation and organization’s normal operation assurance.
PRIORITY having many years of experience in organizations’ Information Security optimization projects, conducts Information Security Risk Assessments using a methodology that has developed based on the standards ISO ΙSO 27005:2018 και ISO 31000:2018. The assessments are comprised of the following phases:
• Collection of data related to the assets in the scope of the assessment
• Identification of vulnerabilities and threats. Determination of the vulnerabilities and threats’ level
• Risk level evaluation
• Draft of the Risk Assessment report
The prioritization of the risk treatment actions is determined considering the following factors:
• Risk level
• Available resources
• Projects being in the implementation phase, that affect the assets threatened by the identified risks
PRIORITY taking into account the special operational conditions of each organization, is able to adjust the Risk Assessment methodology to incorporate the requirements of specific standards like the NIST 80-82, TMSA or regulations like the NIS. In this way it is ensured that the risks identified into specific areas of activity are identified and effectively mitigated assuring the organizations’ normal operation.