Incident Management

Management of security incidents

We often hear of widespread breaches of information security, often with disastrous consequences for businesses and organizations. It is no wonder, then, that the scientific field of information and communication systems security is increasingly attracting the interest of IT scientists and professionals, but also of governments and the public.

Dealing with security incidents is a phenomenon that is constantly escalating.

With PRIORITY’s Incident Management you will have complete security incident management as its goal is to prevent an incident from becoming a problem and a problem from becoming a disaster, thus balancing the scope of incident management with the scope of the basic, minimum security, business continuity and disaster recovery. Possible sources of an incident such as Theft, Malfunction, Violation, Non-Compliance, Information Leakage, Loss of Information, Destruction, Usage Error, Weakness Report also determine the type of the incident.

The use of Workflow and Notifications emails ensures the uninterrupted flow of tasks required to be implemented and notifies in a timely manner the appropriate individuals for the assignment that has been made to them. In parallel, the control panel of the application provides the status of all security incidents that the organization manages at the moment as well as the incidents that risk with late implementation.