Improvement Management

eQualSuite: the platform for business process automation

PRIORITY has designed the module Improvement Management of eQualSuite, a software that automizes a series of business processes required by regulatory compliance systems. eQualSuite is constantly evolved with new ideas and smart solutions, with aim to satisfy the needs of the organizations for the application of policies and procedures, as well as the compliance with regulatory requirements and requirements of international standards, which includes it in PRIORITY’s GRC solutions.

The functionalities of Improvement Management module include:

  • Handling and distribution of documents (policies, procedures, etc.).
  • HR management, including scheduling and evaluation of training.
  • Management and evaluation of suppliers.
  • Recording and monitoring of complaints, proposals for improvements and non-conformities.
  • Scheduling of audits, recording and monitoring of treatment actions.
  • Scheduling and conducting of Management Reviews.
  • Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and presentation of results in dashboard.
  • Designing of compliance checklists, including compliance ratio.
  • Designing and implementing of surveys, using questionnaires to internal and external users, including the capability of reporting.
  • Applying the abovementioned to complex organizations with multi-level organizational structure.