eQualSuite Framework

The software platform for compliance with the new regulatory requirements

eQualSuite is the specialized compliance software in the fields of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

PRIORITY’s eQualSuite has the following subsystems:

1.ISO Manager

2.Risk Manager

3.Business Continuity Manager

4.Data Protection Officer

5.Compliance Manager

6.Audit Management

Each eQualSuite subsystem can operate on its own or in combination with any of the others, thanks to the eQualSuite Framework, which integrates the user system, security groups, report generator, all parameterized files of the subsystems and a huge library of compliance standards.

The eQualSuite Framewok, which serves all eQualSuite’s subsystems has the following characteristics:

  • Designed and developed based on security & privacy by design and by default principles.
  • User-friendly environment, easy to understand and efficient to operate. It provides to the user complete freedom to determine which UI will work with, choosing language the required, which titles he wants to use for the fields, which fields will be mandatory, and which will be visible.
  • Security system that ensures the protection and integrity of data, through multiple levels of access. The system has multiple levels of security and offers protection of the confidentiality, integrity, accuracy, and availability of data, while complies in full with the provisions of the GDPR. The system has authentication and authorization mechanisms.
  • Audit trail and extensive logging, compatible with international standards, aiming at traceability of critical actions.
  • Passwords are stored in encrypted format, using a hashing algorithm.
  • Security of the transmitted information by an encryption mechanism.
  • Support for HTTPS, TLS / SSL protocols.
  • Data integrity control system.
  • Mechanisms for controlling the validity and quality of data and simultaneous and immediate warning through messages on the work screen.
  • Function automation functionality is provided to ensure speed, accuracy, quality control and data consistency.
  • Electronic signature suppor
  • Workflow functionality that guides users to follow a specific procedure in the field of completing fields and only if they have been assigned the appropriate role. For the implementation of the next step of each procedure, the users are informed by e-mail, in order to automate the procedures and to save time.
  • Dashboard, in which the users can edit the results of individual actions, monitor the current situation, and make decisions using standard reports, graphs and presentation tools to monitor the compliance process.
  • Task list, so that users can monitor the tasks assigned to them and monitor their status.
  • KPIs & Reports: Capability to use multiple filters by authorized users to define and export to popular formats KPIs and detailed reports. Indicative presentation formats:
    • Bar chart.
    • Pie chart.
    • Table.
    • Numerical results (e.g. average, minimum / maximum value, sum, percentages, number of answers).