Energy management and decrease of operating costs

Proper use of energy aiming to avoid waste and reduce operating costs

PRIORITY is a pioneer consulting company in Energy Management in Greece and Cyprus, having successfully completed dozens of projects for Energy Control and Development of Energy Management Systems until their certification according to ISO 50001, in all industries (retail, tourism, hotels, hospitals, entertainment companies, etc.).

The company has the most specialized team of consultants in the field of Energy Management. The vast experience through the implementation of various demanding projects enables Priority to understand the needs of each organization and give the right guidelines to improve the energy performance. At the same time energy-intensive activities and energy waste will be identified and an appropriate action plan will be developed in collaboration with the company, focusing on no cost / low cost actions. Along with improving energy efficiency, the operating costs decrease, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction will be achieved.

The implementation of the requirements of the ISO 50001: 2018 standard, allows the organizations to establish the necessary systems and procedures for the continuous improvement of their energy efficiency and helps them to:
• Define and achieve energy goals
• Identify actions to improve energy efficiency, and
• Prove compliance with legal and other requirements
Energy Management focuses on identifying significant consumption, identifying the factors that affect consumption, developing an appropriate energy-saving action plan, and determining how to track appropriate indicators to verify energy efficiency improvements.

PRIORITY in the field of Energy Management, provides the following set of services:
• Energy Review and identification of energy-intensive activities
• Identifying actions to improve energy performance with an emphasis on low cost actions
• Defining consumption monitoring plan and appropriate indicators to verify the improvement of energy performance
• Installation of automated systems and energy monitoring equipment
• Identifying parameters on which energy consumption depends and develop a mechanism for predicting expected energy consumption
• Staff training / awareness
• Developing a culture of proper energy management and waste prevention
• Internal Audits
• ISO 50001 certification