Data Protection Impact Assesment

Compliance with GDPR requirements

PRIORITY is the consulting firm that has successfully completed the first compliance projects with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/ 679 (GDPR) in Greece. At the same time, PRIORITY has developed a significant number of relevant services for the compliance of the organizations with the requirements of the Regulatory framework for the protection of personal data.
PRIORITY undertakes to initially assess the current level of compliance of your business, in terms of personal data management, in accordance with the requirements of GDPR and the broader Regulatory framework. The evaluation is carried out through questionnaires and interviews, workshops with responsible executives of the company, as well as with the use of automated data discovery tools.
PRIORITY in this field, provides the following set of services:
• Development of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) procedure and relevant methodology based on the international standard ISO 29134, guidelines from Regulatory Authorities and the directive of the European Data Protection Council WP 248, rev. 01
• Identification of data processing for which an Impact Assessment related to Data Protection is required, according to art. 35 par. 3 of the GDPR and the Directive of the European Data Protection Council WP 248 (rev. 01)
• implementation of the Impact Assessment regarding Data Protection for the required processing purposes, which includes:
• systematic description of the processing
• assessment of the necessity and proportionality of the processing
• Risks to the rights and freedom of individuals and the proposed measures to address them
• documentation of the results with:
• legal documentation and
• quantification (impact and probability assessment) of security risks