Data Governance

Data Governance services as a response to business challenges

PRIORITY, as a pioneer consulting firm in Greece, offers customized data governance services that address a variety of business requirements, covering a wide range of data management activities. In this context, it has successfully undertaken data governance projects in important business sectors.
The Company has the most specialized team of consultants in the field of data governance and thanks to its several years of know-how through demanding implementations in large organizations (Banking, Insurance Sector, etc.), it has the ability to understand the special needs of each Organization in order to contribute in an optimal way to solving business data governance issues with efficient and concrete solutions.

The role of data in the successful operation of businesses nowadays is constantly increasing and its governance is now an integral part of the strategy of all businesses. Whether it is compliance with regulatory requirements or the need to make high quality business decisions, data governance is a key tool for the operation of a healthy businesses. Data governance services, on the one hand, indicate the implementation of an effective data governance framework in the Company, on the other hand, they offer in practice the mechanisms that can be used by the Company for the optimal management and exploitation of data.
PRIORITY in the field of data governance, provides the following set of services:
• Data Governance maturity check
• Clean and govern your data, Action Plan & Roadmap
• Lean and added-value Data Governance Policies & Procedures
• Data Dictionary creation
• Data Lineage creation
• Data Quality dimensions
• Data Quality rules
• Data quality performance indicators
• Data Integration and Interoperability
• Data governance roles and responsibilities
• Metadata entry support in Data Governance software tools