Content management solutions

While the needs and requirements for communication are increasing rapidly, the need for expanded presence of the organizations in multiple communication channels, using personalized content, is also increased. More specifically, the wright communication is a vital ingredient to reduce the impact of a crisis, while in parallel, in many cases, it might protect the public by the adverse effects of a given situation. Within this framework, independently of its size and its organizational structure, every organization needs to ensure the effective vertical and horizontal flow of information, including first line executives (“front liners”) and external partners, as part of its business continuity plan.

In parallel, the relationship with the communication content becomes more essential and imperative than ever, in order to meet the needs for shaping of the external image and the daily monitoring of publicity or the comprehensive information on the development of legal, regulatory or financial framework. The flow of information within an organization is of paramount importance for the success (or failure) of the communication of its targets.

PRIORITY has established a cooperation with ATC (https://www.atc.gr/), proposing ATC’s platform that includes:

  • Content management & digital information – Infoasset

Infoasset has been developed in order to support the executives of any organization on the complete, easy and quick management of the large volume of information that is collected or created internally, providing easy access to organized news or other content. It supports the required workflows for content creation and distribution to external and internal recipients via various channels.


  • Content verification

Truly Media is a cooperative environment for the verification of content shared in social media (UGC). It is used by the flagship initiatives of the European Union against misinformation.


  • Twitter analytics – TruthNest

TruthNest is a complete twitter analytics tool, supporting the recognition of true influencers, as well as the detection of trolls and bots, through profiling and key performance indicators (KPIs) relating to the activity, the network and the influence of twitter accounts.

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