digital assistant that increases brand loyalty

Chatbots are automatic query-response systems, using either natural language or buttons, which can be used by the user to easily query information. Chatbot solutions are a powerful marketing tool that increase positive sentiment and campaign commitment, create an easier system of frequently asked questions, connect multiple channels, offer Big Data analysis, but also assist in e-shop functionalities and automation systems.

With a Chatbot, we create a digital channel, with which the user is fully familiar. Our goal is to offer him automated and user-friendly services that have as their main objective the service of her/ his own needs, in a digital way that does not require a visit to the store. Modern organizations increase their competitiveness, reduce the need for physical presence and serve the end user much better, by digitalizing their services.

Chatbot is the easy digital assistant of the user, which will allow him to move from the physical store to the digital space, easily providing him the services she/ he is looking for. At the same time, it is a tool for modern organizations to promote their new services.

Our team is working the last years on Chatbot creation, aiming at providing the following:

  • Business consulting with the optimal flows.
  • User Categorization Strategy.
  • Copywriting based on client’s guidelines.
  • Analysis of client’s existing services to propose and fully implement new features.
  • Adaptive team, ready and experienced to collaborate with any part of an organization.