Business Process Management

Value added software for Business Process Management

PRIORITY has established a partnership with 2 BPM Software Vendors, Appian (ranked by Gartner and Forrester as Leader) and BOC Group.

The combination of highly skilled consultants, having extensive knowledge of business processes, and worldwide known BPM software vendors, ensures successful BPM techniques implementations on various industries (financial, banking, energy, governmental, retail etc.).

Business Process Management contributes to the understanding and management of the business environment of an Organization and to the continuous improvement of its overall operation and performance. The exploitation of BPM Software, facilitates and simplifies organizational activities and tasks through a business process re-engineering, in terms of:

  • Centralizing and coordinating the complete product launch process.
  • Reducing time-to-market by streamlining launch activities.
  • Real-time monitoring of product launch processes, tasks, and statuses.
  • Gaining visibility of creation, testing, and monitoring post-launch effectiveness.
  • Accelerating time for creation of value through streamlined processes and orchestrated launch tasks.
  • Increasing control of compliance with regulations and reduce risk. Greater visibility and control of country-specific launch sequences and regulations. Automate processes to ensure governance and improve productivity.
  • Streamline lending processes, from pre-qualifying through closing, to deliver increased loan volumes
  • Payments and Card operations management, internal audits, HR management.
  • Manage digital and traditional channels to engage, on-board, and retain customers.