Business Ethics – Antibribery

Business ethics through management systems

Business ethics, corruption and bribery matters have been on the top of the agenda of companies and international organizations in the recent years. Systematic monitoring and control of such issues requires the development of a management system based on international standards such as ISO 37001. Addressing business ethics, adds value to an organisation in terms of dealing with illegal behaviour and increasing the attraction to new investments.
PRIORITY, developed systems to face bribery, implementing some of the first certifications in Greece. The company’s experience in Management Systems and its specialized staff enables it to understand and evaluate the particularities of each organisation to develop an effective and functional Management System. In addition, it can help every company to develop a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, to train and to raise awareness of the staff.

PRIORITY provides all services for Business Ethics and Antibribery. Specifically, the company can provide the following:

• Assessment of companies’ operations in relation to the requirements of the ISO 37001 standards and practices.
• Development of a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
• Defining due diligence procedures
• Defining policies related to donations, sponsorships, hospitality expenses and travel
• Evaluation of regulatory compliance and bribery risks
• Determining indicators of monitoring and performance in matters of regulatory compliance and antibribery
• Staff training and awareness
• Ιnternal audit
• Support during the implementation of the Management System
• Be present during certification process