Business Continuity, Crisis Management & Corporate Resilience

Timely preparation for an effective response

PRIORITY offers comprehensive services on the development, maintenance, and support of Business Continuity Management Systems, while also ensuring their certification in accordance with the ISO 22301 International Standard. Continuously developing this pioneering advisory practice PRIORITY further offers consulting services in Crisis Management as well as the overall development of Corporate Resilience.

In parallel, PRIORITY represents the internationally recognized Business Continuity Management Institute (BCMI) and offers certified training seminars at the level of Business Continuity Planner, Specialist, Expert and Lead Auditor in Greece as well as the wider region. Furthermore, specialized educational programs are available for Crisis Management and Corporate Resilience. Having the most specialized consulting team in the field and leveraging many years of know-how gained through the completion of demanding projects in large organizations (in the financial sector, in shipping, energy, industry etc.), PRIORITY is ideally suited to understand the needs of each organization and to help it strengthen its operational resilience in the best possible way, with lean and effective solutions.

Business Continuity, defined as the capability of an organization to protect its core functions from catastrophic events and promptly bring them back to the desired levels, is certainly the first line of defence in resilience and ISO 22301 is the undisputed guide to developing this critical capability. The operational management of a disruption, however, is only the first step. When circumstances threaten a firm’s reliability and reputation, it is necessary to make strategic decisions at the highest level often with little available time and incomplete information. Then, it is necessary to have well-developed skills in Crisis Management, and the BS 11200 British Standard offers useful and practical advice on exiting a crisis.


At the same time, the increasing complexity of modern markets coupled with the regular emergence of asymmetric competition require the wider and systematic shielding of a business. At this point, the notion of Resilience extends beyond the extraordinary management of singular events requiring a holistic approach that needs to be integrated in day-to-day operations. In this effort, valuable guidance is offered by the ISO 22316 International Standard.

On Business Continuity, PRIORITY offers the following services:
• Full Business Continuity Management System
• Business Impact Analysis
• Business Continuity Risk Assessment
• Development of alternate Business Continuity Strategies
• Development of Business Continuity Plans
• Support in conducting Exercises and Tests
• Simple and effective Policies and Procedures
• Training and certification of personnel
• Internal audits and maturity assessment
• Internationally recognized certification in accordance with ISO 22301

On Crisis Management, PRIORITY offers the following services:
• Integrated Crisis Management Framework
• Support in identifying and evaluating crisis scenarios
• Establishment of Crisis Management Team
• Organization of supporting structures (Crisis Room)
• Development of Crisis Management Plan
• Specialized training for C-Level Executives
• Attestation of compliance with BS 11200

On Corporate Resilience, PRIORITY offers the following services:
• Analysis of Corporate Resilience Attributes
• Evaluation of Corporate Resilience Levels
• Procedures for the analysis, measurement, and review of Resilience
• Action plan to improve Resilience levels
• Specialized trainings/workshops on Resilience
• Attestation of compliance with ISO 22316