Business Continuity

Business Continuity software

PRIORITY, in order to achieve a more effective management of business continuity in complex organizational structures, proposes CONTINUITY GUARDIAN, a complete solution, designed to help organizations to avoid business disruption. CONTINUITY GUARDIAN is provided as a stand-alone solution or interconnected with PRIORITY’s eQualSuite.

Organizations are exposed to various risks that could cause business disruption (natural disasters, pandemic, infra-structure or systems failures, sabotage and acts of terrorism, etc.). These risks should be identified and mitigated early, through a comprehensive Business Continuity Management (BCM) program, in order to become resilient and to avoid significant operational, financial, legal and reputational impacts.

However, the development and maintenance of such a program, is a complex, time consuming, recurring process, involving the entire Organization. Most Organizations try to implement best practices and international standards, using generic, obsolete or inadequate tools.

CONTINUITY GUARDIAN resolves the abovementioned and other related problems, by enabling a complete and flawless implementation of a complete BCM program, using best practices, and minimizing the required resources, while producing excellent results. In addition, it is fully compliant with widely accepted, strict international standards and retains complete audit trail so that compliance remains no longer hard work.