Αudit Manager

The Internal Auditor software

PRIORITY is a leading organization and IT consulting company in Greece that specializes in the development, implementation and automation of corporate processes based on international standards and best practices. In this context, it has developed jointly with Alpha Bank the Αudit Manager software, which promises to make the life of Internal Auditors easier. Αudit Manager is the software that automates, simplifies, and guards the work of the Internal Auditor throughout the Audit process, ensuring its consistency and reliability.

Αudit Manager is supported by an experienced team of IT and business executives who guarantee its full support and continuous modernization. Thanks to its many years of know-how through demanding implementations in large organizations (banking sector, industry, etc.), PRIORITY is able to understand the needs of the organizations and to adapt this software to the specific requirements of their Internal Auditors.

Αudit Manager removes files and time-consuming tasks. The tool collects data, monitors outstanding issues, and guides those responsible for the required actions, statistically processes all data and creates on-line reports. At the same time, it standardizes the interna audit process and ensures that all the requirements for documenting the findings have been met, as well as their continuous monitoring until they are successfully addressed.

Αudit Manager is developed in the most modern technological environment and offers, among others, the following capabilities:

  • Audit Universe – recording of control areas, criticality, and risk assessment in order to prepare an audit program.
  • Library of standardized findings and recommendations.
  • Capture of audit work and collection of evidence.
  • Documentation of findings and recommendations.
  • Assignment and monitoring of corrective actions (Follow up).
  • Export of reports and compliance statistics.
  • User Interface libraries.
  • Full recording of user movements (user trailing).
  • Recording of the working hours of the Auditors.
  • Detailed system of user rights – each user sees, completes, and approves only the information that is authorized to.
  • Multilingual user interface