Accreditation Services

Holistic approach of Accreditation requirements

PRIORITY is regarded as one of the top consulting companies when it comes to accreditation services in Greece, as it has successfully carried out several accreditation projects about test and calibration laboratories, certification bodies and inspection bodies.

The company employs a group of consultants, expertized on the field of accreditation services, who have gained a high level of know-how as well as significant experience, through specialized training and managing of numerous accreditation projects concerning several laboratories’ categories, certification bodies and inspection bodies. As a result, the needs of the organizations to accredit, are immediately perceived by the consultants who also provide with the best possible consulting services, in order to fulfil the accreditation procedure in short-time and in a successful way.

Accreditation is the official recognition of the ability and impartiality of an organization to perform specific procedures. It concerns:
• Test/calibration laboratories or medical laboratories
• Organizers of inter-laboratory or comparative ability tests
• System Management Certification Bodies (Quality, Food Safety, Environmental, Health and Safety in Workplaces, Energy, Road Safety, Informational Systems etc.)
• Agricultural and Organic Products Certification Bodies
• Persons Certification Bodies
• Products, Procedures or Facilities Certification Bodies
• Greenhouse Gases Verification Bodies

When it comes to accreditation, PRIORITY provides a full systemic and technical guidance and support both before and after accreditation procedure, to organizations that wish to be accredited. This is applied in the following models:
• ISO 17025 for test and calibration laboratories/ medical are excluded.
• ISO 15189 for medical laboratories.
• ISO 17043 for organizers of inter-laboratory or comparative tests
• ISO 17021 for system management certification bodies
• ISO 17020 for inspection bodies
• ISO 17024 for persons certification bodies
• ISO 17065 for products, procedures or facilities certification bodies