Risk Management – modern methods and tools

In the modern complex business environment, knowledge, assessment, and smart risk management are part of the strategy of even small and medium enterprises. Whether it is a regulatory requirement or a necessity for making critical decisions, Risk Management leads to the prevention of unpleasant situations and contributes to profitability. The Risk Management seminar, analyzes the principles and tools that a Manager can use, focusing on practical tips, real examples, and alternative approaches for effective risk management.

Risk Management – modern methods and tools

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Seminar slides, supporting material

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8 hours

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Method of Implementation:
Physical presence, Remotely

Training target:

Understanding the basic principles of risk management and knowledge of techniques, tools available and alternative approaches to risk management.

Training result:

Developing skills for better risk management in a business.

Target audience:

Risk Managers, senior business decision makers, regulatory executives, and Internal auditors.


1. Generally about the risk
2. Risk vs reward
3. Terms and definitions
4. Risk Management Frameworks
5. The ISO 31000: 2018 approach
6. Development of a Risk Management Framework
7. Evaluation criteria and willingness to take risks
8. Risk identification and assessment
9. Risk management strategy and plans
10. Monitoring risk development
11. Practical examples
12. Workshop