Maritime Cybersecurity

Extensive competition in the field of shipping companies requires the optimal use of their fleet. For this reason, it is imperative to communicate with ships constantly and gather information concerning their operation. The company’s requirements to connect with specialized equipment that is not subject to frequent upgrades as well as the particular difficulties to develop and operate a data network in the area of ships, results in an exponential increase in the risk of Information Security incidents. The Maritime Cybersecurity seminar presents the Information Security risks related to the operation of ships and docking infrastructure as well as the best practices proposed by specialized organizations in the field of shipping.

Maritime Cybersecurity

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Training Presentation & Exercises in PDF format

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8 hours

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Method of Implementation:
Physical presence, Remotely

Training target:

Understanding the basic principles, common risks, and control measures for information security in a shipping industry.

Training result:

The ability to plan and implement the actions required for the development and implementation of an Information Security Management System.

Target audience:

IT officers, telecommunications officers, DPAs, internal inspectors, information security officers and crew officers.

Required knowledge:

Knowledge of IT & OT infrastructure management or Information Security or business operations of shipping companies


• Introduction
• IT & OT systems
• The Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships
• Information Security Management System & ISO 27001:2013
• Basic Information Security Concepts
• Development and Operation of an Information Security Management System
• Information Security Risk Assessment Study & Information Security Risk Management
• Control Measures
• Case Studies and exercises