ISO 50001: Systematic energy management based on consumption forecasting

Regulators around the world are introducing increasingly stringent energy efficiency standards to meet the challenge of climate change. On the other hand, unpredictable fluctuations in the energy market and fuel prices make optimal energy management imperative to reduce operating costs. The ISO 50001 seminar presents in a practical way the basic elements of an efficient energy management system based on consumption forecasting, to help companies, reduce their energy costs and their environmental impact.

ISO 50001: Systematic energy management based on consumption forecasting

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The presentation that will be used by the speakers will be sent in electronic format (.pdf format) to all participants, after the end of the training program.

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8 hours

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Method of Implementation:
Physical presence, Remotely

Training target:

Understanding the components of an integrated energy management system through the experience of PRIORITY consultants.

Training result:

Creating an action plan to optimize the company’s energy management and reduce operating costs.

Target audience:

senior executives whose decisions affect the company’s energy management from technical services and ISO managers to financial services.


• Presentation of training targets
• Introduction to the Energy Management System – Structure of the ISO 50001 standard
• Analysis of ISO 50001 standard requirements
• Energy review and Baseline definition

Workshops and / or case-studies for the understanding of basic functions of ISO 50001, the identification and control of energy-intensive activities and the development of a mechanism for forecasting energy consumption.