ISO 22000 – the food safety requirements of the new version

In addition to the legal obligation, the implementation of adequate controls and food safety risk management measures is in the interest of every company operating in the food chain. ISO 22000 with the new version of 2018 is the most recognized standard for best practices in the field. The ISO 22000 seminar helps the participants with practical tips and real examples, to apply ISO 22000: 2018 or to upgrade to the new version the already existing Food Safety Management System in their business.

ISO 22000 – the food safety requirements of the new version

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Training material and file with the key points for the transition to the new version

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8 hours

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Method of Implementation:
Physical presence, Remotely

Training target:

Knowledge of the requirements of new version of the standard.

Training result:

The development of an action plan for the effective implementation of a Food Safety Management System according to ISO 22000: 2018.

Target audience:

Food safety managers and executives in the food and catering industries who have positions of responsibility in the production, distribution, marketing, and storage of food.


• Introduction to model – Definitions
• Business environment analysis – Case study
• Requirement Analysis
• Caution points when switching to the new template