Health & Safety E-learning Course

The Health & Safety e-learning program analyzes the most important issues for the management of health and safety at work, points out the importance of observing the rules of Health and Safety at Work and presents useful practical tips for dealing with emergencies.

Health & Safety E-learning Course

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Estimated study time:
2 hours

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Method of Implementation:

Training target:

raising staff awareness to reduce the likelihood of dangerous situations and accidents.

Target audience:

All staff


• Staff awareness
• Probability of accidents to all employees
• Significance of consequences
• Results of bad practices
• Legislative requirements regarding the management of OSH issues in workplaces
• Safety Technician and obligations
• The role of the Occupational doctor
• Written occupational risk assessment and how it helps
• Functioning of workers’ committees – Participation and consultation
• Basic Occupational Health and Safety Risks and Risk Reduction Measures
• Office work
• Work in customer’s workplace
• Dealing with emergencies
• Development of reaction plans
• Creating emergency response teams
• Trial implementation – Exercises
• Preparing an accident management
• What is next?
• Integration of safety culture in everyday life
• Development of appropriate work instructions
E-learning presents the critical points in a simple, understandable, and interactive way, through activities and questions.