Energy saving E-learning Course

The Energy Saving e-learning program analyzes the energy saving practices that should be adopted and provides information, as well as tips that everyone can apply in their work and in their daily life.

The program is divided into three main areas: general data on energy saving, energy saving in the office and energy saving at home and presents the critical points in a simple, understandable, and interactive way.

Energy saving E-learning Course

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Estimated study time:
1 hour

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Method of Implementation:

Training target:

raising staff awareness of energy savings.

Target audience:

All Staff.

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• Energy consumption:
• Worldwide
• In Greece
• By Sector of Activity
• In homes and businesses
• Climate change: does it concern us?
• Quiz

• Energy Saving in the office

• Air Conditioning operation
• Lamps, Frames, Office Equipment
• Raising Awareness and Responsibility
• Consumption monitoring
• Use of elevator
• Elevator operation
• Energy Saving Tips

• Energy Saving at home

• Avoid overheating of the building
• Building insulation
• Radiator systems
• Cooling Systems
• Selection of devices
• Devices function
• Cooking
• Refrigerator operation

• Quiz

E-learning presents the critical points in a simple, understandable and interactive way through activities and questions.