DPO Masterclass – The key role in protecting personal data

The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO), is undoubtedly the crucial role for the Protection of Personal Data and the compliance of a company with the GDPR and the National Law (Law 4624/2019). The DPO Masterclass seminar analyzes in depth the GDPR, the National Law as well as the role of the Data Protection Officer. The seminar provides participants with practical solutions, real examples, tips and answers for the implementation of all the requirements of the Regulation in their business. Analyzes the most common problems, provides solutions as well as tools to the DPO to fulfill its role and to ensure the compliance of its business in the most practical way.

DPO Masterclass – The key role in protecting personal data

TUV Austria/ ACTA.

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32 hours

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Method of Implementation:
Physical presence, Remotely

Training target:

Understanding the requirements of the GDPR and the role of the DPO.

Training result:

The guidance of the company in complying with the GDPR and obtaining certification after conducting written examinations.

Target audience:

DPOs and executives, regardless of background, who will take the lead in complying their business with the regulatory framework for personal data protection.


• What is General Data Protection Regulation?
• What is the role of the Data Protection Officer?
• Information Security and Data Protection
• Communication with the Authorities
• Case studies
• Exam preparation
• What changes brings GDPR?
• What are the obligations of Businesses?
• Impact Assessment Study
• Definitions and keywords
• Workshop
• Q&A