Cyber Attacks and Protection Mechanisms

The increasing use of IT and OT systems improves the efficiency of the operation of organizations and companies as well as the quality of services they offer. At the same time, users can act and implement actions that can cause problems in organizations and business operation and harm individuals. The seminar Cyber Attacks and Protection Mechanisms analyzes the new dangers that appear in the field of information technology and presents the best practices and tools that can be used by the executives involved in ensuring the proper operation of IT and OT systems, for their effective treatment.

Cyber Attacks and Protection Mechanisms

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Presentation, Comprehension questions and answers, utterances of exercises

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16 hours

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Method of Implementation:
Physical presence, Remotely

Training target:

Informing IT and IT system operators about the risks that may affect their operation and the presentation of the approach that should be followed to minimize the possibility of their occurrence.

Training result:

The ability to evaluate the available measures and risk management mechanisms as well as the development of the optimal architecture for their maximum utilization.

Target audience:

IT department employees, Information Security Officers as well as IT executives who want to learn methods and practices used by malicious, to violate the information systems and Information Security measures implemented by companies and organizations.


1. Cybersecutity theats and risks
2. Protection mechanisms