Crisis Management – Success under pressure

Accidents, cyber-attacks, cases of gross negligence, emergencies, violent political and economic change are considered to be rare, everything happens daily. In a crisis, brands, clientele, and reputation that took years of effort to conquer can disappear in days or even hours. Dealing with a crisis involves unique challenges and requires preparation and advance planning to deal effectively with it. The Crisis Management seminar focuses on the management and communication aspects of crisis management, analyzes the main challenges, and presents basic principles of management, drawing material from international best practices and real examples.

Crisis Management – Success under pressure

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8 hours

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Method of Implementation:
Physical presence, Remotely

Training target:

The presentation of the special conditions that prevail during a crisis and the understanding of the structures, techniques and tools that allow the effective management and recovery of an organization from it.

Training result:

Acquiring skills for developing effective response mechanisms in case of crisis.

Target audience:

Business Continuity Managers, Risk Managers, to corporate communication executives and the Senior Management.


1. What is a crisis?
2. Basic terms and definitions
3. Challenges in crisis management
4. Development of corporate crisis management capacity
5. Developing a Crisis Management Plan
6. Forming an effective Crisis Management Team
7. The power of timely and valid information
8. Challenges for the Crisis Management Team
9. Communications during a crisis: principles, roles, and difficulties
10. The role of New Media in crisis management
11. Alertness
12. Practical examples
13. Crisis simulation workshop