OHSAS 18001, ISO 28000, ΑΕΟ

We are familiar with the occupational and operational hazards of each business sector and the appropriate methods to extenuate them, ranging from the heavy industry, the supply chain, maritime to the services sector. We monitor and decode the applicable legislation, identify and evaluate the risks involved in your activities, guide you in adopting the appropriate countermeasures and we can raise the safety awareness of your staff in order to raise the confidence within your company.

OHSAS 18001

It is the International and the national (ELOT 1801) version of the occupational safety standard. PRIORITY’s consulting engineers, having extensive experience from complex industrial projects to service sector projects, can perform a risk assessment on your activities, review your Written Occupational Hazard Study, protect your employees with appropriate safety measures, make you compliant the applicable legislation and lead you to the certification of your choosing.

ISO 28000

It is a certifiable standard on the safety of the supply chain. The benefits of its implementation are timely deliveries, inventory management efficiency, sticking to the timetables and risk mitigation. PRIORITY’s expert consultants adapt the standard to your procedures and to the legal requirements and can guide you to a successful certification.

ISO/PAS 28007

It a specialized standard which must be implemented additionally to ISO 28000 and is a necessary asset for companies and organizations that wish to provide armed security services to ships and port facilities. Having unique experience in Greece, we can perform the required risk assessment, develop the necessary procedures and help you in obtaining this international certificate.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

The purpose of this certification is to safeguard the transactions subject to customs legislation both within the EU as well as with third countries. It concerns all companies involved in the import and export business. Having extensive expertise on this particular certification we can undertake all the necessary procedures, compile the required documentation and lead you to the successful award of the international certification.

ISO 39001

It is a certifiable standard on Road Traffic Safety Management which aims to increase safety in road transport and reduce traffic accidents. It concerns companies that manage vehicle fleets, of any type. The expert consultants of PRIORITY can train you in adopting best practices, develop corporate procedures for preventing accidents and lead you to a successful certification.

ISO 31000

It is the international standard on the risk assessment methodology. PRIORITY’s experts can implement, on your behalf, international best practices for the systematic identification, evaluation and prioritization of risks that threat your company’s operations and can guide you in adopting reliable, effective and targeted countermeasures.

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