ISO 9001 to EFQM

We develop smart, fast, and effective operational procedures on your behalf and we can guide you to quality certification with 100% certainty, based on our unique experience in the Greek market. We automate the ISO procedures with our specialized software and certify your executives with our internationally recognized IRCA seminars. Our consultants possess the knowhow and expertize to guide you further than the certification and all the way to business excellence, if you wish so.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 consolidates the international best practices and it is the first step for the implementation of customer oriented company procedures. Whether you wish to implement the minimum certification requirements, or opt for effective organizational solutions, we can support you based on our valuable experience from 1200 relevant projects.

EFQM Model

It is one of the top international methodologies for company evaluation and the detection of improvement opportunities. We train you in the model’s requirements, we conduct together your company’s evaluation and guide you in the implementation of an effective performance improvement program, based on our long experience.

Balanced Scorecard

It is the most effective method for setting strategic goals and breaking them down to quantifiable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). PRIORITY will help you transform your vision into measurable performance criteria, mobilize your whole staff, set appropriate indicators and targets, interpret their values and take effective improvement measures.

ISO 9001:2015

The new ISO 9001 edition which links quality system to corporate strategy and incorporates context analysis, risk assessment, change management, knowledge management and quality objectives deployment at all levels. The experienced PRIORITY consultants can upgrade your quality system into an added value management tool which improves your performance.

ΕΝ 15224

It is a quality standard intended for healthcare providers of all levels and includes specialized requirements (compared to ISO 9001), especially in the field of risk management. Our consultants, having unique experience in developing quality management systems for healthcare providers in Greece, can locate your critical areas for improvement and can help you adopt best practices.


Specialised and demanding quality standard for medical tourism certification, including specifications for international patient management. It was developed in Germany and applied in many countries. PRIORITY is the only consulting firm in Greece with experience in Temos development and certification from clinics to large medical units.

ISO 13485

It is a specialized certifiable standard, addressed to companies which manufacture or trade medical products. Our consultants, having the experience of projects with a series of relevant companies, combine it with ISO 9001 and M.D. 1348, in order to build a single business management system customized to your business and obtain all 3 certificates frequently required by tenders and insurance funds.

M.D. 1348

It is the Ministerial Decision enforcing the certification of the quality management system in companies operating in the trade or distribution of medical products. Our consultants are most experienced in combining it with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications and support you in the implementation of the specialized requirements on product identification, tracking, regulatory, etc.


It is a specialized quality management standard regarding the certification of social rehabilitation services, which has been developed by the European Rehabilitation Platform (ERP).  PRIORITY, having successfully implemented this particular standard in physical and psychosocial rehabilitation units, can fully support you in the application of this standard’s demanding requirements.

ISO 15378

It is a specialized standard addressed to companies that manufacture packaging materials for medicinal products, which is implemented in combination with ISO 9001. PRIORITY has the expertise to satisfy these specialized standard requirements, i.e. risk management, materials verification and validation, etc. and integrate them efficiently within the company production process.

ISO 22716

It is a specialized standard regarding the cosmetics industry, which includes the industry’s best practices according to ΕU (ΕΚ 1223/2009). Our consultants’ unique experience will help you adopt the leading enterprises practices, simply and effectively.

ISO 29990

It is a specialized certifiable standard concerning the educational institutions. PRIORITY, being an educational institution by itself, in addition to the experience in developing ISO 9001 and ISO 29990 quality systems, can help you organize your educational activities according to international best practices and obtain the certification that will provide you with a competitive advantage.

ISO 21001

ISO 21001 applies to educational institutions such as schools, secondary schools, language schools, training centers and e-learning organizations. Our consultants, having unique experience in Quality Management and especially in the education field, will create the proper management procedures for your tuition school so that you can obtain your ISO 21001 certification simply and fast.

ΕΝ 15038

It is a specialized standard concerning the translation companies. Since we have consulted some of the most prominent EN 15038 certifications, we can support you in the application of project management principles, continuous staff qualification and specialized translation validation checks in order to obtain the certification quickly. By the end of May 2018, it will be replaced by ISO 17100.

ISO 17100

It is the new international standard for translation services that will replace EN 15038 by the end of May 2018. Our consultants, experienced in similar certifications, will fully support you to meet the standard’s specifications and obtain the certification easily and quickly.

ΕΝ 16636

Specialised Certifiable Standard published by CEPA (Confederation of European Pest Management Associations), addressed to companies offering pest management services. PRIORITY fully supports you in acquiring your certification, even in combination with ISO 9001, quickly and effectively, in order to prove. the high quality of your services in respect to public health and the environment.

ISO/TS 16949

It is a specialized standard concerning the automobile industry suppliers, with several additional requirements in comparison to the ISO 9001, especially in the use of statistical and advanced quality tools. PRIORITY is the only Greek consulting firm with experience on this standard and can support you in full until your successful certification, which is usually conducted by foreign auditors.

AS 9100

It is a specialized certifiable standard concerning the aeronautical industry suppliers, with similar requirements with ISO/TS 16949. Having successfully completed important AS 9100 projects, certified by foreign auditors, we can guide you during the implementation of the additional requirements, compared to the ISO 9001.


Joint Commission International: Specialised American quality standard for medical unit accreditation. It is the most demanding standard worldwide, since it includes requirements for all stages of health service supply, along with medical and nursing protocols. PRIORITY, with a unique experience in Greece in health projects and experienced consultants in JCI, has the ability to lead you to a successful accreditation.


 A series of specialised and demanding quality standards for medical units, developed and implemented in the UK with requirements including medical and nursing protocols. PRIORITY, with a unique experience in Greece in health projects and experienced consultants in CHKS, has the ability to lead you to a successful accreditation.


Specialised quality standard for medical units with additional requirements to ISO 9001, developed and implemented in Australia. PRIORITY, with a unique experience in Greece in health projects has the ability to lead you to a successful accreditation.


Global Standard for Consumer Products: It is a specialized certifiable BRC standard concerning retail products, like cosmetics, electric appliances, toys etc., except food. PRIORITY, having significant experience in BRC certifications, can fully support in obtaining this international certificate, required for exporting in British supermarkets.


It is a specialized certifiable standard issued by HDE (Hauptverband des Deutschen Einzelhandels) and FCD (Fédération des Entreprises du Commerce et de la Distribution), concerning companies that produce products sold to retail markets, except food. Our consultants, experienced in IFS certifications, can guide you during this certification process, which can be a competitive advantage in your export business activities.

ΕLΟΤ 1417

It is a specialized certifiable standard for the agro-tourism sector companies, with specific requirements on the quality of services, safety and environmental management. Our consultants, having extensive experience in all these fields, can guide you in the application of the standard’s requirements and can provide full support until the award of your Quality Label.

ELOT TS 1433

It is a specialized Technical Specification concerning the secondary education tutoring schools and is combined with a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. Our consultants, having unique experience in Quality Management and especially in the education field, can create the proper management procedures for your tuition school so that you can obtain your certification simply and fast.

ELOT EN 15733

It is a specialized certifiable European standard addressed to the real estate brokers, focusing in customer service, process transparency and credibility of brokerage services. We combine it with ISO 9001 and fully customize the standard’s requirement to your needs, in order to quickly get the certification which gives you a significant competitive advantage.

ELOT 1435

It is a specialized certifiable standard addressed to the advertising and broadcasting sector, which includes the best practices for the development and effective management of communication campaigns. PRIORITY’s consultants, having experience from the leading companies in the industry, can combine it with ISO 9001, in order to design a single management system that will get you both certificates, recognizable from your clients in national and international level and are frequently required for tender participation.

ELOT 1429

It is a specialized certifiable standard concerning the government bodies performing public works, which requires the implementation of project management principles and best practices. PRIORITY has developed Management Systems according to ELOT 1429 in a wide range of organizations and thus has the expertise to support you effectively and lead you to a successful certification.


Common Assessment Framework: It refers to a specialized model for assessing Public Sector Services, which is used throughout Europe in order to improve their service quality. PRIORITY’s consultants possess the required training and experience in its implementation and can support you in expanding your potential all the way to participating in national and international award programs.

Mystery Shopper

It is the main tool for evaluating the quality of customer’s service and support. PRIORITY has important experience and specialized agents, undertakes on your behalf all the necessary steps, from setting the audit’s goal, all the way to evaluating the results and the definition of the required improvement actions.

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