Product certification.

CE Mark, ecolabel, special technical standards

PRIORITY’s consulting engineers have extensive technical experience since 1999 in product certifications of various types. We undertake on your behalf the monitoring and decoding of European standards on product specifications and their analysis, make realistic improvement proposals, draw quality plans, create technical documentation, integrate them with corporate procedures and provide support at product labelling and certification.


A number of EU Directives and Regulations define safety requirements for specific product categories, such as construction materials, machinery, elevators, pressurized equipment, toys, etc. and require the CE labelling, as a declaration of compliance. PRIORITY’s consulting engineers, having extensive experience in CE certifications, define the requirements concerning your product, compile the necessary documentation and the complete technical file and support you in the compliance and legality of your product.


It is the European system for awarding the ecology label (according to the EU regulation 66/2010), which certifies the satisfaction of certain ecological criteria and is proof that your products are environmentally friendly. We define the requirements concerning your product, compile and submit the required technical documentation file to the appropriate agency of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and support you all the way to the award of the Ecolabel to your product.

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