Save the Date – Friday 14/5, Cybersecurity awareness Workshop by PRIORITY


All research shows that the highest risk factor for corporate data security breach is human! Make sure your team is aware of cyber security. Learn how to strengthen and shield your organization with high quality training.

The growing risks that threaten the security of information systems and infrastructure, require a different way of dealing with users / employees. The classical approach of a simple and generalized training is considered obsolete. It is important to establish a permanent mechanism of constant vigilance, which will identify knowledge deficiencies and skills, set goals, evaluate results and plan targeted corrective actions. Under this logic and circumstances, the concept of Security Awareness Training has been introduced which includes training and actions to assess the readiness of users. Platforms belonging to this category should provide educational material that will inform and sensitize the user as well as tests, such as phishing campaigns, which will evaluate the adequacy of users.

PRIORITY from 2020 is included in the official partners of Terranova, a company that has been rated as a world leader in the Security Awareness Training category. Terranova solution includes training seminars of different difficulty, duration or category, so that the administrator has the ability to create training actions tailored to each user. At the same time, the option of creating phishing campaigns is provided, in order to evaluate the readiness of the users and the degree of understanding of the training actions (phising simulation, KPIs, exams, automation of who sees what and why).

Through PRIORITY Cybersecurity awareness Workshop on Friday 14 May 2021 (10.00-12.00) you will learn how to enhance knowledge and put the human factor on alert, so that it ceases to be a threat to the security of your company!

Speakers: D. Xernos, D. Katsikis, A. Giannakouros
Duration: 10.00-12.00, 2 hours
Cost: Free participation
To register for the Workshop and receive information on how to attent, send an email to [email protected]