Save the Date 28/5 – eQualSuite GRC software Workshop: The Compliance module experience


Regulatory compliance issues in the modern business environment are becoming increasingly important, as the operating framework and stakeholder requirements become increasingly stringent.

Monitoring regulatory issues is a demanding process for organizations, as it includes a large amount of information and requirements which in many cases are modified and changed quite often, while non-compliance with the above often leads to fines and downgrading of the reputation of an organization.

PRIORITY, understanding the difficulties that arise, has developed the specialized Compliance module for monitoring and updating the regulatory framework of each organization, which has integrated in eQualSuite, the first Greek consulting paired GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) software, adapted to the needs of the average Greek company, which combines the 26 years of experience of a leading consulting firm with the most advanced technologies.

Watch the eQualSuite GRC software Workshop: The Compliance module experience on Friday 28/5 and discover the software that helps you to have central monitoring of all compliance requirements, regulatory or not, of your organization, but also automation of a series of corporate processes required in regulatory compliance systems.


  • Features / functionalities of eQualSuite
  • Compliance module capabilities
  • Use case scenarios of the Compliance module

Presenter: L. Ntantoumis

Duration: 10.00-12.00, 2 hours

Cost: Free participation

To register for the workshop and receive information on how to attend, contact [email protected]