PRIORITY sponsors “ITSM meets Kanban” Workshop


Online @ 10th of June, 2021

PRIORITY is sponsoring the online “ITSM meets Kanban” Workshop, on 10th of June, 2021, organized by itSMF Hellas.

Why should service managers (or any knowledge workers) be interested in Kanban? The simple answer is that Kanban typically helps us to reduce the cycle times for our work by a factor of 3x to 8x, or even more. Do you want to deliver more results with higher quality and less stress on workers in weeks instead of years? In days instead of months? Then Kanban is currently the single most powerful method to achieve such results.

Kanban is much more than a board with columns. This workshop will introduce participants to the main practices and values of Kanban. Each participant will join a team which learns these practices by iteratively designing Kanban boards and cards. Other exercises will be done to illustrate various points. The concept of iteratively increasing Kanban capabilities will be introduced.

At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the basics of Kanban and will be able to start using Kanban, either for personal work or for teamwork.

The Instructor:

Robert S. Falkowitz is the founder and principal consultant of Concentric Circle Consulting, specializing in Service Management training and projects. Experienced in all phases of IT management, from software development through infrastructure design and package integration, Robert has served companies in the aviation, logistics, pharmaceuticals, telephony, education and banking industries, amongst others. He focuses currently on Lean and Kanban approach to improve time-to-market velocity.
With a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, he has taught at Yale, Chicago, Emory and Cornell. With ITIL® Manager/Expert qualifications, holding the ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant qualification and priSM’s DPSM. Robert S. Falkowitz has gained certifications of Kanban and Enterprise Service Planning from Lean Kanban University. Robert has been instrumental in multiple roles for itSMF Switzerland and itSMF International.