Pandemic BIA & BCP


Holistic Business Continuity System
Responding immediately to the crucial need for businesses to continue their operations during COVID-19 unprecedented pandemic, PRIORITY has designed and implemented a reliable solution to the crisis, which includes Pandemic In parallel, PRIORITY also provides a Holistic Business Continuity Management System for any disruption risk.

1. Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Plan for pandemic

PRIORITY has already implemented this service for a number of clients with very significant results, since it enabled them to:
• manage the impacts from the escalation and de-escalation stages of the COVID-19
• pandemic
• plan the gradual recovery of the company’s operations following the lifting of restrictive
• measures
• take better decisions, based on the current data.

The service consists of 2 parts:
1. The analysis of business impacts during the escalation and de-escalation of the pandemic
(Pandemic Business Impact Analysis), in order to:
a. assess the resilience of the company’s processes in relation to the absence or inability of staff to work while taking into account the existing infrastructure for remote work, as well as the nature of each department’s work
b. identify the single points of failure per process
c. define levels of reduced company activity and relate these to specific scenarios corresponding to the escalation and de-escalation of the pandemic and related
d. timely plan the necessary corrective measures, for the next phases of the pandemic.

2. Development of a Business Continuity Plan which contains preventive and mitigating control measures for occupational health and safety and business continuity.
The BCP contains the following chapters:

a. Critical factors to ensure effective response
b. Guidelines for each stage during the development of the pandemic
c. Organizational structure din response to the pandemic
d. Preventive hygiene measures
e. Managing suspicious incidents
f. Cybersecurity in teleworking
g. Personal data protection during the pandemic.

The BIA and the BCP, developed by PRIORITY, will serve as guidance for executives in charge to
assess and monitor the evolution of the crisis and make critical decisions.
Teleconference can be used for all interviews, trainings, presentations and discussions. The whole project is estimated to be completed in five (5) working days.

2. Holistic Business Continuity System for any disruption risk

PRIORITY has been implementing this service to a number of our clients for many years. Thanks to this service, they have significant advantages in the COVID-19 pandemic, such as increased levels of readiness, adequate IT infrastructure and the ability to react quickly and effectively, with safety and composure.

This service includes the following:
• a Risk Assessment of the dangers that may interrupt business operations and the identification of the necessary measures to mitigate their likelihood and impact
• the assessment of impacts from the disruption of business activities and the definition of objectives for recovery (Business Impact Analysis)
• the definition of strategies for the recovery of the company’s activities (Business Continuity Strategy)
• the development of effective plans for the immediate mobilization of the company’s staff and the timely recovery of activities after the disruption (Business Continuity Plan)
• the support for the selection and installation of redundancy mechanisms and infrastructures which shall be used in the event of interruption
• the certified by the BCM Institute training on the implementation and auditing of business continuity procedures
• the support for the execution of exercises according to realistic scenarios that simulate interruption of activities
• the company’s certification according to the ISO 22301 Standard, thus achieving international recognition in terms of business continuity management.