eSignature Solutions


Electronic Signature valid, direct and functional!

The use of electronic signature is now mandatory for certain job categories.
All official (and non-official) documents are posted or exchanged simply and quickly, via computer, and have a unique digital fingerprint – the signature of the user who sends them. This is a cryptographic public key (PKI) code which certifies that the signatory is indeed the same (genuine signature) in each file (word, pdf, etc.).
The user does not need to have a special signature device but instead he uses an intangible security device. This is based on relevant standards (Public Security Infrastructure – PKI) and allows documents to be validated by anyone, anywhere and anytime, adjusted smoothly with all the popular forms of documents and business applications.

Gradually, it is a matter of saving both time and money (especially in public services).
In addition, security is further ensured, as one cannot copy or forge the digital signature.

According to the European Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) there are three e-signature types:
• SES – Standard Electronic Signature
• AES – Advanced Electronic Signature
• QES – Qualified Electronic Signature

SES – Standard Electronic Signature and AES – Advanced Electronic Signature can be applicable in most of our daily transactions:
Documents of the Department of Human Resources (HR), Commercial agreements between corporate entities, Consumer agreements, Commercial and housing leases, Software license agreements, etc.
QES – Qualified Electronic Signature applies in more complex cases, mainly in work issues:
Employer’s certificate, Part-time employment agreements, Renewal of fixed term employment agreements, Signing of Collective Employment Agreements etc.

Collaboration with DocuSign
PRIORITY is partnering with the #1 global provider of digital signature solutions, DocuSign online contract management platform, providing the DocuSign eSignature solution.
DocuSign eSignature speeds up deals, eliminates manual labor, and makes it easy to connect to tools and systems you already use:
• Do business faster: Send and sign agreements securely from virtually any device. Up to 82% of agreements are completed in less than a day, and 49% in less than 15 minutes.
• Be more efficient: Elimination of manual tasks and convenience increase for your customers and employees.
• Save money: An average of $36 savings per agreement by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity.

Benefits and Features
• Works with your existing applications, enhancing your organization’s productivity. The solution adds TSCP Bridge X.509 PKI-standard digital signature-based signing to your document authoring applications including Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Bentley Microstation and Projectwise, as well as, leading PDF editors including Adobe Acrobat, Nitro Pro and BlueBeam Revu.
• Enables you to sign any digital file, while preserving the native file format after the signing process, including media files and non-document formats.
• Integrates into your existing systems infrastructure and business process, including the most popular document management and workflow systems, to preserve your existing processes and policies, ensuring continuity and efficiency. The Signature Appliance integrates directly with SharePoint, OpenText, Oracle, Documentum, Nintex, K2 and more.
• Deploys quickly and easily to signers in your organization using pre-built connectors for your applications and document management systems.

…for all departments
Sales Department

• Reduction of time until the final contract, ensuring immediate notarization.
• Every collaboration is simplified, offering customers a better experience, without delays and bureaucracy
• Reduce the time that sellers spend on time-consuming processes, increasing their productivity.

Purchasing Department

• Complete control of contracts, through central management of supplier agreements, gathering all the data for better negotiation

Legal Department

• Accelerate contract completion time and reduce costs
• Simplify the preparation of the agreement, reducing costs and effort
• Risk reduction
• Maintaining legality

• PRIORITY through its cooperation with the internationally largest electronic signature service provider DocuSign, but also with an emblematic Trusted Service Provider in the field of Digital Certificates, is able to provide a complete end-to-end portfolio of eSignature services at all levels:

• From simple SES, to very demanding QES applications
• With unparalleled quality, valid, immediate, and functional
• Contributing further to the Digital Transformation of your business and
• increasing your productivity!